Wellington Property Services

Wellington Property Services had their own website which only had a handful of visits every month. The brief was simple. Create a clean, fresh new site with the priority being to raise their search engine rankings.

The site needed new a new logo, design, colourway and all new content focusing on the services Wellington Property Services offered for those looking to buy a new home or commercial building. It had to be easy to navigate, easy to read and allow them to modify the site themselves.

The site was built with an easy to use content management system and includes functionality such as:

  • logo design;
  • icon design;
  • search engine optimised pages;
  • a home page focusing on the services they offer;
  • ability to add and modify content;
  • a contact form for new and existing clients to contact them;
  • website hosting.

If you have any questions regarding the Wellington Property Services web design and development or would like to contact me about your own website please contact me or take a closer look at their website.


Wellington Property Services - Specialising in pre-purchase home inspections.