Dutchy’s Burger Joint

Dutchy’s Burger Joint were a new venture into Wellington’s blossoming food truck market in 2015.

They needed a simple site to show case their menu which allowed their social media marketing via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to take the front stage. They also needed mobile wifi for the truck to allow them to not only provide eftpos facilities to their customers but to also allow Dutchy to stream music when out and about.

The site was built with an easy to use content management system and includes functionality such as:

  • a Facebook feed showing their recent posts;
  • their menu laid out in an easy to read format;
  • a contact form for new and existing clients to contact them;
  • website and email hosting.

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If you have any questions regarding the Dutchy’s Burger Joint web design and development or would like to contact me about your own website please contact me or take a closer look at their website.

Dutchy's Burger Joint